What after standard 10 and 12 Career 2019

Every day, we make many "decisions" in everyday life, but after completing standard 10, the decision to decide what to do in the future is very difficult.
If you choose the option of taking into consideration your interest-interest-circumstances for further study after standard 10, if you stay on top - that is, the first bench will be the student, then the entire sky is open for you.
પછી What after standard 10?
After passing standard 10, talking about main roads.
(1) Study in standard 11 and standard 12.
(2) Studying in Engineering as well as other diploma courses in diploma.
(3) Study in different courses of ITI.
(4) Study in various certification courses of technical education.
(5) Study in fine art diploma course.
(6) Studies in the university course in agriculture.
(7) Study in some professional courses.
(8) Skipping the study forward or joining the business.
First Class Std 11-12:
Taking the best answer to what to do after standard 10, taking admission in standard 11 is the main two trends for the study after standard 10: (1) General stream (2) Science stream.
After passing the standard 10, look at what are the main options for us:
Admission to standard 11-12 - Higher Secondary Here also there are alternatives to science stream, general flow, north basic flow.
Get admission in post-graduate diploma courses (Diploma in Accountancy, Diploma in Banking, Diploma in Home Science etc.).
Getting admission in Technical Diploma Courses (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Chemical, Plastic, Printing, Fabrication, Homescience, Commercial Practices, Mining, Ceramics, Textile Manufacturing / Technology etc) after standard 10 These diploma courses can be taken at government polytechnics / self-help organizations.
➣ Standard 12 Arts:
There are many courses that have a bright future for passing standard 12 with subjects of Arts. BA with any subject like English, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Gujarati, History, Geography Can be studied. There are some Bachelor's Degree courses in the field of Computer and Information Technology. In which 12 students get admission. Bb a. Some universities also offer admission to 12 Arts students in the course of the course. A series of consecutive BABEd (language) courses are started.
➣ Standard 12 Commerce:
Twelve students of 12 Arts and 12 Science Board have less than the total number of examiners. After passing standard 12 with commerce subjects (1) B. Com. (2) BBA (3) B.C.A. (4) b. SC IT (5) Five-Year Integrated MBA and M.Sc. (TT) M.Com. Many courses like LLB etc. run in Gujarat.
➣ Standard 12 Science:
If there are 70% or more marks in tenth standard, many would like to get admission in 11 science. Admission can be made in 11 science even if there are 50 percent marks in tenth standard. The number of people who take admission in science stream after standard 10 decreases every year. Many people are concerned about whether the standard markers will come in standard 12 science.
General Stream or Science
After passing the standard 10, after studying standard 11 in standard 11, the admission should be taken in the first choice. In Commerce or Science?
The question is to work: the  study changes after standard 10. There are new topics in Arts, Commerce and Science. You have to work hard on the subject you choose. We believe that (1) science has to work hard, (2) works hard with commerce, and (3) keeping subject of art, nothing needs to be worked out. These beliefs are wrong.
Era of hard work:  This era of computer and internet is. Every 12 hours of work every day must be done. You can also try hard work. You get this for four to five months before standard 11. You have a habit of learning more and more hours every day, then you have to keep science subjects that you have to be counted as a student of more than 80% markers.
Good to keep science?
  • In Gujarat, the degree of medical, dental, engineering, and pharmacy colleges on self finance basis is increasing.
  • B.Sc. with professional courses like biotechnology, microbiology in science colleges. Opportunity is growing. Integrated (continuous) course MSc (BT) (TT) physics has started.
  • Air Force and Navy have the opportunity to become an officer.
  • Science students can get admission in most courses after standard 12.
  • Without students of Gujarat students in nearby states like Karnataka and Maharashtra, Donations are getting an opportunity to get admission in a good course.
  • You can get admission in medical, engineering, pharmacy, IT courses by giving multiple entrance exams including PMT, AIEEE, after standard 12 science. That is, if you bring fewer marks in standard 12 science for some reason, you also have the option of getting admission in selected / selected courses through public examinations.
  • Staying as a private candidate can also study further at home.
➣ In general stream studies:
(1) Keeping the subjects of the Arts or (2) Keeping the subjects of Commerce, Admission can take admission in standard 11 standard stream.
➣ Take admission in diploma?
After the standard 10 (1) Computer Science (2) Information Technology (3) Computer Technology (4) Electronics and Telecommunication (4) Diploma in Engineering and Communication offers you admission in engineering courses in states like Maharashtra, Karnataka (less percentage). We have such a diploma engineering course after 12 science.
Now, though this type of change has been made in Gujarat and the above course (branch) is available but there is a higher percentage of admission.
પછી  Degree after Diploma:
If there is a diploma engineering course after standard 10 in Maharashtra and Karnataka, you can get admission in degree engineering. We will also get admission in the degree course of engineering, as per merit in the diploma engineering degree after standard 10 in Gujarat. That is, it is not necessary to get standard 12 science to get admission in degree engineering on the basis of diploma
➣ What can happen after standard 12 Commerce / Arts?
As stated earlier, after the standard 10 subjects we choose, we have to take decisions only after considering which options are available after selecting the subjects / faculties.
We know that after standard 10, most student friends take admission in general stream in standard 11. In standard 11-12, there are subjects of Arts and Commerce under general stream. Apart from this, there is also a business-oriented stream of alternatives in standard 11-12.
If you have subjects of Commerce or Arts in standard 12 then you can study further in these disciplines.
  • PTC
  • B.B.A.
  • Fashion design
  • Hotel Management
  • Fine Arts
  • L.L.B.
  • B. A.
  • BA BEd
  • B. Com.
  • M. Com.
Normally these routes are usually seen after standard 10. In any stream - take courses in Arts, Commerce, Science, and conduct study in standard 11 and standard 12.
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